October Favourites!

Happy November!!!!
So, even though it's already November I'd like to share with you guys the great products that I have  used up in the past month. I'm still not sure about starting a YouTube channel at the moment, I would probably love to do it but I'm not sure whether its for me, but anyway lets get started :)

real techniques

Okay, so firstly lets talk about the Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes (£20.00), which I have already heard alot of positive things about it so I decided to try them out for myself to see what i thought and let me just say that they are pretty amazing brushes they spread make up evenly and efficiently. The only thing i would pick on is that they are quite small sized for the price, apart from that i find these brushes really great and i would recommend them to anyone.

These bad boys have been my ultimate favourite products this month, they are 'Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleanser" (£5.00) and the "Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion" (£9.00). Ever since i started using these products i have seen a dramatic change in my skin. 

Dress and Nars

Okay, at the beginning of the month i was in need of a plain black dress, after days of hunting down one i found the PERFECT most comfortable and flattering simple black dress which was so gorgeous and super comfy!! Its the "ASOS Bardot Tall bodycon dress with cut out back (£18.00)" 

The second item is the fossil rose gold watch (£149.99) I have worn this watch throughout this past month because i absolutly adore the rose gold colour for October/November.The overall quality of it is amazing and overall its a brilliant watch! I love it!!

The third item is my Nar's "Audacious Lipstick Jeanne Cherry Red (£24.99)" I have to admit i was a little weary over the purchase of this because I thought that it might be to dark for me however i bought it. Tried it on. Loved it. This colour is a bit dark but it went well for the October season especially with the black dress, it gave a lovely elegant colour and it doesnt wear off that easily which is why this product is in my October favourites :)


The "Rimmel London Stay Matt Pressed Powder (£4.79)" is in my October favourites as this product is perfect! It does what it says on the lid. It mattifie's (just made up that word ;)) your shiny foundation. I use to have the MAC pressed powder but this basically does the same job but for a much cheaper price saving like £20.00 

"Nars nail polish-Jungle Red (£13.00) " I've used this product quite alot this month as its a nice dark red colour which is perfect for October/November time (like the lipstick) The price is a tiny bit expensive for nail polish however, it is worth it as its so easy to apply and it lasts for a long time!!

The "Sleek Contor Kit (£6.50)" allows easy application of highlighter and contour for your face, I think its great as it lasts for the whole day! If you know how to contour then purchase this little beauty! :)




  1. I adore tea tree fragrance and Bony shop :)
    Happy to see them in Your Favorites :)


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