Merry Christmas!

Okay, so since Christmas has just passed it is nearly the end of boxing day i thought i would share with you guys what i got up to this Christmas...

(cute little candy cane chocolate hearts, thanks to BBC food :) 

I chose this outfit as i though Tartan was a very Christmassy colour, I bought it for around £13.00 from Primark a few days ago and when I wore it on Christmas it was perfect. The dress itself is comfy and it has an adorable peter pan collar, it's quite short in length or maybe because i'm tall... 
Anyway, i styled this dress off with some black tights and just natural make up and a hint of red on the lips to match the dress.. I would defiantly recommend the dress :) 

I was extremly overwhelmed and grateful with the gifts that i had recieved this year including the clinique sonic system which i have been longing to try for ages. In the upcoming year i will review some of these products and my experience so far with them.

Thanks for reading :D

-Catriona <3

(p.s Next post: New Year's eve outfits)  



  1. Hi, this is such a lovely blog post and I have nominated You for Liebster award. You can find more information here

    1. Thanks for the nomination! I've just posted mine :) x


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