November Topshop Outfits

Winter is here!!!
Winter has finally arrived...yay!! Which means the start of frosty mornings, steamy hot chocolate, cosy blankets, fireplace, twinkly fairy lights,Candles, hats and gloves. And the final thing which I hope is coming soon...SNOW!!  Anyway, getting a bit carried away there but I just adore winter (except rain, eww) 

Anyway so i was recently in Topshop because I hadn't been in there for a while and whilst i was there i saw some pretty cute/ smart winter outfits that im going to share with you guys... :)

Outfit 1: 

This outfit is my first choice, i think the colours are quite wintery and dark but the "Enamlel Necklace" from the jumper makes quite a cute contrast to it. The black trousers are super comfy and this outfit overall seemed quite smart/casual.
- Jumper= "Topshop Enamel Necklace jumper" £42.00
-Trousers= "Topshop TALL ponte high waisted jeggings" £32.00
-Blouse= Actually got that one from primark but new look has a similar one!
 Around £12.00
-Socks "Crotchet trim ankle socks" £3.50 


Outfit 2:

Ignore the odd pose :) This outfit is probably the most comfortable out of all of them,  you could just chill out, drinking hot chocolate or tea with this cosy dress on and ahh its so nice!! The dress is pretty short so you really should wear them with black tights (unless you want to freeze, have you been outside lately?!)  and style them off with boots and a black floppy hat!
- Hat "Black floppy hat"-£28.00
- Dress "Clean Rib Knitted Dress"- £42.00  
-Tights "Anywhere (e.g Primark £2.00 i think!)"
-Shoes "Bobby Chelsea Boots" (They are selling fast) £42.00
   Remember these are all from Topshop unless said otherwise :) 


Outfit 3:

I can't believe i am wearing it backwards in the picture, oh well (hopefully can still pull it off...haha :/  Anyway, This outfit is super casual and cute no matter how you wear it. It comes in different colours and i styled it with black Chelsea boots, magenta bag, black jeans and a floppy hat.

-"Topshop Checked Cape" £33.00
-"Topshop MOTO black jeans" £28.00
- "Office Chelsea Boots" (these are from Office not Topshop because the Topshop Chelsea boots where sold out so i had to go for the closest look alike!)  
-Bag- Mulberry"Pembridge double handle Oxblood" £1,085 
-Topshop floppy hat £28.00


Outfit 4:

This style is the most chilled out plain style out of all the other outfits. The dark colours suite the winter season and you could always style it off with a colourfull bold necklace you want but i thought less is more in this case :) (p.s Sorry for another awkward pose!)

-"Topshop Long Sleeved Funnel necked top" £12.00
-"Topshop TALL Ponte high waisted treggings" £32.00
-Topshop "Bobby Chelsea Boots" £42.00 


Outfit 5:

This last outfit is probably the smartest of all the outfits, it is very basic and simple which is always a good thing to wear once in a while. I am mainly including this outfit becuase of the lush Topshop trousers that are shown they are the so lovely and soft and they are not uncomfortable. I have mentioned them alot in this post however they are fantastic and they are selling out pretty fast. The Blouse, i admit, is not from Topshop it's from Primark (£9.00) as i couldn't find any white blouses in topshop! But i absolutely love the trousers:

-"Topshop TALL Ponte high waisted treggings" £32.00
-"Topshop Premium Plate Shoulder Bag" £83.00




  1. Lovely outfits, my favourite is number 2 :) x

  2. Thank you so much! I agree, the second outfit is probably my favourite out of all of them :) Xx

  3. MMmm I love topshop with all my heart and I love your outfits you picked out with the black slim pants!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I'm hoping to do more posts with Topshop items and clothing and also the black slim pants were so comfortable to wear, they felt like leggings!


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