September Favourites!

September Favourites is finally here!! (and a bit late sorry!) I thought I would do my September favourites with you as September was an awesome month for me as it was my 18th Birthday (yay!) and I used some fantastic products throughout this month which I am going to share with you...

L'Oreal Paris "Le Blush - Rose Santal":  

Okay, so firstly on my favourites is the L'Oreal Blush. This cute little pot was ideal for me this September as when i used it the colour was so soft on my cheekbones and it was perfect for blending giving a healthy looking glow. Also this blush is perfect for people with 'fair skin'. This blusher also has a small compartment underneath for the brush with a tiny mirror which just makes it so cute.

Yankee Candle 'Spiced Orange': 
This candle is perfect for Autumn and winter. Perfect. Once lit, it gives of a powerful aura of Orange, tangy ginger and warm spices which is a soothing blend that greets the scences with a strong aura. It is highly recommended for people that enjoy spices or citrus flavours. 

Benefit Mascara 'They're real!':
I have a new favourite mascara, this mascara is amazing, it is a little pricey but it is so worth it.
 It provides full volume coverage, however make sure you don't put to much on or else it gets pretty clumpy. But this is definaltly my go-to mascara, its light, doesn't smell, and lasts a long time!

I love company magazine, it has got to be my favourite magazine and especially there new issue, it is filled with so many fashion tips and advice and i love it, so that is why its in my favourites for this month.

Chocolate Maltesers:
I don't think i need to describe how amazing these are, however, if you have never had this before, go out and buy it now. Maltesers are just beautiful, if you don't know what it is its basically a light biscuit topped with chocolate and it sounds kind of boring, but it is amazing, seriously, I love these little balls. 

Anyway that's about it for my September favourites, what where some of your favourites? (Remember I post weekly) 




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