Maybelline Big eyes Mascara Review!

So today I am going to do a product review of  'Maybelline Big eyes Mascara'!!

I'll start off by saying that the retail price for this is (£8.99) which isn't bad considering the pretty good quality that Maybelline produce. Okay so, when i first started using this mascara i thought it was quite different and unique the way the brush is structured.
 The Upper brush is for the top lashes giving them volume and the 'Micro Brush' is for the lower lashes for a '360 degree of lash volume' 

The Upper Brush is a unique spiral shape.  I think that the brush works well at coating every lash due to its shape and form.The formula is not too wet nor too dry and coats can be built if you move fast. The micro brush is fun to use and its usufull to cover  I enjoy ike using the Micro brush to touch up in the inner and outer corners and cover the rebellious lashes. However, I would say that the mascara does produce quite clumpy eyelashes, but to fix it all you need is an eyelash brush.

Overall i think that this mascara is great. I am happy that this Maybelline Mascara doesn't smell (unlike the other ones!) It's efficient, it works well and I love the dual ended brush idea, especially that awesome handy micro brush. You won't get major, dramatic eyelashes, but it does give a natural born-with-it long and flared lash look




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