My Starbucks addiction

I visited Liverpool recently and there i purchased a Starbucks. A beautiful. deliciously, overpriced Starbucks. The drink i ordered was a "A small vanilla crème blend with extra cream". Let me just say that on a hot day in summer, this drink tastes like heaven in a small cup, with its refreshing icy vanilla taste and its fluffy whipped cream and just describing it makes me thirsty.... 

However, it has come to a point at which i have a small addiction towards it. On a sunny day i could buy around three vanilla crème blends!!

I can't say its the best drink in the world as i haven't compared it to drinks from other shops such as 'Cafe Nero' Or "Costa Coffee" for example, plus the small crème blends from Starbucks are pretty overpriced (£3.75) and I'm sure there are many other places i need to try with awesome summer drinks at lower prices. Nevertheless i do love this drink during the summer days when its hot outside, also, the British summer is short, so not long now till the scarf's and hot chocolate arrive... 
Nail polish- Maybelline colour show 'Pink Boom'





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