A Day At The Races

Sorry for taking a break from posting, I've been preoccupied with revision and masses of homework so I will proper start again after the exam season is over! Anywho I thought I would quickly share with you guys my day at the races (horseracing for anyone who didn't know!) 
It was lovely and sunny which is rare for Britain which made it a lovely day, it was so much fun relaxing in the sun with the family.

 For the races I decided to wear a simple equestrian style outfit as shown above. This outfit was cute, warm, stylish and perfect for the day. During the races I bought a faux fur headband which I would not have normally gone for as I'm not really a 'fur' kind of person however I thought it looked really cute and brought the whole outfit together. I went for boots as it was quite muddy there. For the jacket I would have wanted to wear a blazer which would look sufficient however I went for a navy quilted jacket from 'Maine England' which was equally lovely. Overall I had a great day out and I hope it will continue.



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